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Darwin House




Visit us in the lovely and historic Georgian home 

and grounds of the birthplace of Charles Darwin.

Come on in!

Silver and bronze clay workshops
Explore your inherent creativity


Overlooking the River Severn that wraps around Shrewsbury, the studio extends a welcoming, inspirational and calm environment in which to explore the creative you.


Enjoy a new experience discovering the unique properties of precious and metal clays amongst friends.

Feretia hopes to embrace and encourage a community that loves to explore, to create and to share its interests. Come and handcraft something special from an evolving selection of seasonal workshops to choose from - or to gift to someone you love well!


Feretia offers workshops supported by an accredited guide in silver and bronze metal clay - from an introductory morning to -a full weekend of exploration! Incorporating short breaks to share ideas over a choice from a provided selection of refreshments.


Feretia is flexible and loves to facilitate. Workshops may be bookings of fun for friends, to mark an important moment, for significant events, or be surprise gifts. Arranged to suit your special experience, be it during a weekend, evening, or day and can include hospitality options. Get in touch if you have something in mind and lets chat!



ALL clay used in the workshops is a recycled resource and ready for you to bring to new life. 






Silver (precious metal) and bronze (base metal) clay is a wonderful, creative medium to work with. As the name suggests, it is easy to manipulate and form, being soft and malleable. It allows access, with no previous jewellery making experience, in crafting rewarding designs in fine silver or bronze - a memento, objet d’art, or piece of jewellery.


Originating in Japan in 1990, precious metal clay came first, followed by bronze and other alloys in 2008. It is a material of tiny particles of these base or precious metals combined with water and an organic, non-toxic binder.


As the clay in its green form is soft, it can be shaped, sculpted, cut, moulded and textured.


Once a design is made, the water evaporates from the clay as it dries. Once dry, whilst more delicate, with care, most finishing of a piece is easier at this stage than to work on the hard fired metal.


With firing, the organic binder burns off and the metal particles bind together and form the metal you originally worked with in clay form: Gold, Fine Silver, or Bronze.


Whilst there is a percentage of shrinkage during firing, the beauty is, the design integrity is not affected, so reveals the results you are expecting.


Workshops are held in Feretia’s studio for you to come and have a go - and some fun - in expressing your creativity in a new way! 

 What is silver and bronze clay?

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