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The delight of working in Darwin's House

has  also become an inspiration for Feretia designs - and workshops - with discoveries to share with you:  

The stories behind

a Galapagos finch; Darwin's orchid and a hawk moth; porites coral;  a majestic Downy oak

and a primrose...

Created in studio for you choose and wear - or to come and try a Darwin related workshop -

 when you wish to add to your story!


Feretia's Darwin Oak and garden Collection

Acorn cups cast from the same ancient Downey oak still gracing the front lawn of Charles Darwin's birthplace;

leaves from the tree translated into fine silver, bark cast and curled into rings.

Delicate cross sections of primroses: 

 uniquely historic links to the past.

ink finch_edited.png


Mangrove finch

Camarhynchus heliobates.

This little mangrove finch, endemic to the Galápagos Islands, lives on Isabela island in the pristine mangrove forests. 

One of 'Darwin's finches', it is critically endangered and one of the rarest birds in the world today.

Worth giving lots of attention to, given its role in Darwin's theory of evolution in understanding natural selection, and in celebrating this great man's legacy.